SEO Professional – What You Should Ask Before Hiring A Consultant

Prior to starting dealing with an SEO consultant, you must either meet him or speak to him on the phone. Learn the answers to the following questions.

What is the consultants SEO process? So what can you expect to see happen in the first month? The process should sound right to you. If he can’t explain it, don’t hire him.
What is the very first thing he would do on your site? The SEO professional should look at your Web page before addressing you. Or, he should ask whether he could look later. Either way, don’t demand a lot of information – this is what you spend them for, and they shouldn’t have to give information away for free Instead, look for a sensible recommendation that demonstrates they gave your site some thought.
How are results reported? If he mentions ranking reports, don’t hire him. Traffic matters significantly more than rankings. Worthwhile SEO consultant will know that.
Just how long has he been an SEO professional? There’s no specific correct answer here but an answer like, “I’ve just started”, should give you pause.
If you’re unhappy with the service, is it possible to end your contract before the scheduled end date? Many unethical agencies bind you to a contract and charge your bank card month after month.
How often will he consult with you? Your SEO consultant needs to periodically review your results and strategy with you.
Does any service cost extra? Many SEO firms charge extra for copy writing and other work. That’s fine; just be sure you know when you start.
The main thing you’re looking to get is an impression of the person or company you will end up working with. SEO is marketing, and it takes a lot of communication between you and your consultant.

Knowing What To Expect

More SEO campaigns have fallen to incorrect expectations than some other type of marketing. Here’s what you have to know before you start:

SEO takes a long time. I typically demand a one-year contract with any SEO client. Couple of years is better. If you try to sign an SEO professional to a shorter contract, you’ll likely either rush him (so he won’t do solid long-term planning), or you’ll chase off the most effective consultants.
Don’t expect fast results.
Do expect regular reports
Expect your SEO consultant wants a specific amount of work from you. He is going to give you a lot of recommendations and requests for changes to your site. He’ll request content and he will require details about your competitors.
Costs may vary widely from one SEO firm to the next. Some can charge less than $100 a month. Others can charge around $10,000 or even more per month. The difference is the degree of service. For $100 monthly, don’t expect much. The SEO firm probably won’t do much work except for a couple automated directory submissions, and mightn’t enable you to get results. At the very top end of the scale, an SEO consultant writes SEO optimized articles for your website, researches keywords, analyzes your website for potential problems, and does whatever it requires to maneuver you up in the search rankings. Most SEO consultant’s charges derive from a monthly fee. They might also provide one-time reviews where they check your website, write a written report recommending changes, and then make you hanging. If there isn’t your personal team you’re probably better off using the monthly agreement.

Good SEO consultants often negotiate their fees depending on the difficulty of the campaign and the total amount of work that’ll be involved also the length of time you plan to work with them. If you have an internet site that’s already fairly well optimized but just requires a little help and you’re hiring them for just a year; you ought to expect your monthly fees to be lower. If you have a site that is clearly a complete disaster, in terms of SEO and you’re in an exceedingly competitive industry, and you need everything done in 3 or 4 months; you can expect to pay more each month.

Remember as it pertains to costs, the actual question should be, what makes sense for your requirements and your allowance? You typically get everything you buy and that rule is not any different here. Sometimes what seems like a bargain is actually just a waste of money? As it pertains to your website and your organization, you can’t afford to waste your hard earned money on sub par SEO advice.

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